Cooking course faq

Is the course hands-on?
Yes. Our courses are ‘completely hands-on’. Students get to prepare all the dishes themselves. We have many cooking stations and ovens.
What is the length of the course?
One course is completed in 3-3,5 hrs, depending your skills and dishes you make.
Can we choose the dishes we like?
Yes, select from here, or you can ask for your own dishes you always wanted learn.
Is there a course for vegetarians? Or for people with food allergy?
Yes, of course. Our recipes are very versatile; they can be carefully adapted to accommodate vegetarians, or to deal with lactoz or gluten intolerence.
Do we have to bring anything to the class?
Not at all. Just put on your comfortable gears. An enjoyable “hands-on” cooking experience awaits you at Chefparade.
Is there course on every day?
Yes, we hold courses every day, but it’s necessary to make appointment via e-mail/phone.